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Kroll Lab News

9/25/18 Abby, Ben, David, Chris, and Jesse travel to Takamatsu, Japan to present at the 14th IGAC conference. David has a plenary presentation on his work on low-cost AQ sensors in India.

9/1/18 Amanda Gao joins our group as a new grad student. Amanda's undergrad was at Caltech, where she majored in Chemical Engineering as well as English. Welcome Amanda!

5/20/18 Ben, David, and Jesse travel to Hawai'i to install air quality (SO2 and PM) sensors around the island, in order to provide the community with information on the AQ impacts of the Lowe East Rift Zone eruption.

5/11/18 Big congratulations to Jon Franklin, who just successfully defended his PhD thesis!! The title of Jon's thesis is "Measurement and Characterization of Low Volatility Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere".

4/10/18 Ben Crawford and James Rowe both receive poster awards fat the MIT CEHS/SRP poster session. Congrats Ben and James!

2/26/18 Our work on carbon closure in laboratory studies has just been published in Nature Chemistry. The lead author was Gabriel Isaacman-Vanwertz, with contributions by several current and former group members (Rachel O'Brien, Chris Lim, Jon Franklin, James Hunter, and Josh Moss) as well as collaborators from Aerodyne, Berkeley, and Stony Brook.

1/15/18 David Hagan's paper on electrochemical sensor calibration has been published in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. This work was a result of our TREX class and our EPA sensor project. Co-authors include Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz, Jon Franklin, Lisa Wallace (Hawaii DOH), Ben Kocar, and Colette Heald.

1/8/18 The group welcomes still another new member: Dr. Kevin Nihill, who received his PhD in chemistry from U. Chicago. Welcome Kevin!

11/1/17 The group welcomes yet another new member: Dr. Ben Crawford, who comes to us from University of Reading, and before that University of British Columbia ( where he got his PhD). Ben will be working on our Hawai'i air quality project, and will move there later next year.

9/05/17 The group welcomes two new members: Dr. Abigail Koss, a postdoc who got her PhD in chemistry from CU-Boulder (and before that was a UROP in the group during her undergraduate days!), and James Rowe, a PhD student from Georgia Tech. Welcome Abby and James!

9/04/17 Our new multi-group paper on atmospheric organic carbon from the BEACHON campaign, "Comprehensive characterization of atmospheric organic carbon at a forested site", is now online at Nature Geoscience. The lead author was James Hunter (PhD 2015); other MIT researchers include Eben Cross, Anthony Carrasquillo, and Colette Heald. MIT News article

10/19/16 Congratulations to Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz, who was just awarded AAAR's Sheldon K. Friedlander Award! The award recognizes an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the area of aerosol science.

10/1/16 Chris Lim, David Hagan, and Jesse travel to Missoula MT to participate in NOAA's FIREX lab experiments. Their project, carried out in collaboration with Chris Cappa (UC-Davis), involves measuring how the composition and optical properties of biomass burning aerosol evolves upon atmospheric oxidation.

3/29/16 Kelly Daumit's paper on SOA in the presence of condensed-phase oxidants was just published in J. Phys. Chem A, as part of the James G. Anderson festschrift. Co-authors include Anthony Carrasquillo and Rebecca Sugrue.

1/12/16 Gabriel, Chris, and Jesse head to the Island of Hawaii to lead TREX 2016.

11/17/15 Eben Cross's paper on load-dependent IVOC emissions from diesel engines, a collaboration with Alex Sappok and Victor Wong and MIT's Sloan Automotive Lab, was published in Environmental Science and Technology.

11/5/15 Our new paper on heterogeneous oxidation kinetics and products was just published as a Feature Article in Journal of Physical Chemistry A. Authors are Chris Lim, Sean Kessler, Jesse Kroll, and Kevin Wilson (LBNL).

10/13/15 Most of the group (Chris, David, Eben, Gabriel, Jon, Rachel, Jesse) heads to Minneapolis MN to present at the annual AAAR meeting.

9/1/15 The group has a new PhD student - Josh Moss, coming from (where else?) UC-Berkeley. Welcome Josh!

8/3/15 David Hagan heads out to Delhi, India to test out the new low-cost air quality sensor nodes he built. The nodes measure several gas-phase pollutants as well as size-resolved particle number; are run on either solar or line power; and report data in near-real-time via 2G.

7/21/15 The group has a goodbye dinner for Ellie Browne and Kelsey Ridley, who are both moving on to new jobs - Ellie as an assistant professor in chemistry at the University of Colorado - Boulder, and Kesley as a math (and robotics!) teacher at Matignon High School.

6/18/15 Anthony Carrasquillo's paper "Radical Reactivity in the Condensed Phase: Intermolecular versus Intramolecular Reactions of Alkoxy Radicals" was published in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

6/5/15 Commencement 2015: Congrats to Drs. Anthony Carrasquillo, Kelly Daumit, and James Hunter!

4/7/15 Our new paper on volcanic smog ("vog") from Kilauea was published in ES&T. This work came out of TREX, an annual undergraduate class on environmental fieldwork; undergraduates from TREX 2012 and 2013 are listed as co-authors. Other authors include researchers from MIT, University of Toronto, Hawaii Dept. of Health, and Aerodyne Research. MIT News story Environmental Monitor article

4/1/15 Welcome to Rachel O'Brien, who just joined the group as a postdoc. Rachel comes to us from UC-Berkeley and LBNL.

3/31/15 Congrats to Chris Lim, who received an NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship!

3/5/15 Group dinner/outing to Sacco's Bowl-Haven, to celebrate our three recent PhDs: Anthony Carrasquillo, Kelly Daumit, and James Hunter. Sadly there exist no photos whatsoever of any of us bowling.

2/19/15 Ellie Browne's paper on the heterogeneous oxidation of soot particles ("Changes to the Chemical Composition of Soot from Heterogeneous Oxidation Reactions") was just published in JPCA. Co-authors include Jon Franklin and colleagues at Aerodyne and LBNL.

2/3/15 Anthony Carrasquillo successfully defended his PhD thesis! Anthony's thesis is titled "Formation and Evolution of Atmospheric Organic Matter from Radical Intermediates", and thankfully includes no references to Vin Diesel movies. Congrats Anthony!

2/2/15 The group now has two new members, Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz (postdoctoral fellow, Ph.D. from Allen Goldstein's group at UC-Berkeley), and Mark Goldman (ChemE grad student, co-advised by Bill Green). Welcome Gabriel and Mark!

1/13/15 Members of the group (Jesse, Jon Franklin, and David Hagan), along with a bunch of friends (Ben Kocar, Jen Murphy (UofT), Colette Heald, Alex Tevlin (UofT) and Michael Chen) head out to the Big Island of Hawaii with 22 undergrads to study volcanic smog ("vog") as part of TREX 2015. See #TREXMIT2015 for pictures. MIT News story

1/12/15 Big congrats to James Hunter, who just successfully defended his thesis! Dr. Hunter's thesis title is "Oxidation of Atmospheric Organic Carbon: Interconnecting Volatile Organic Compounds, Intermediate-Volatility Organic Compounds, and Organic Aerosol".

12/30/14 Kelly Daumit just successfully defended her thesis! The title of Dr. Daumit's thesis is "The role of aqueous-phase oxidation in the formation of highly-oxidized organic aerosol". Congrats Kelly!

10/24/14 Congratulations to Chris Lim, who won a Student Poster Award at the AAAR Conference! Other presenters at AAAR from the group were Kelsey Boulanger, Anthony Carrasquillo, Eben Cross, and Jon Franklin.

10/14/14 Kelly Daumit's new paper on aqueous-phase oxidation, "Laboratory studies of the aqueous-phase oxidation of polyols: submicron particles vs. bulk aqueous solution" was published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Co-authors are Anthony Carrasquillo and James Hunter.

9/1/14 David Hagan joined the group as a PhD student (and a Fellow at the Tata Center for Technology and Design). Welcome David!

8/22/14 Anthony Carrasquillo's paper "Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation via the Isolation of Individual Reactive Intermediates: Role of Alkoxy Radical Structure" (co-authors James Hunter and Kelly Daumit) was published in Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

8/5/14 James Hunter's paper "Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Acyclic, Monocyclic, and Polycyclic Alkanes" (co-authors Anthony Carrasquillo and Kelly Daumit) was published in Environmental Science and Technology.

5/12/14 At the 2014 CEE Departmental Awards Ceremony, Dr. Eben Cross received the inaugural "CEE Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring, Teaching and Excellence Award". Congratulations Eben!

5/11/14 Eben Cross and Jon Franklin headed out to the Haagen-Smit engine lab in El Monte, CA, to measure emissions of IVOCs and SVOCs from automobiles. Collaborators include researchers at CMU, UC-Berkeley, ARB, and Aerodyne Research.

5/6/14 Students in MIT's CEE senior capstone class (1.013, led by Jesse Kroll, Eben Cross, and Colette Heald) presented their final project, "CLAIRITY", an air quality sensor network for MIT's campus. CLAIRITY website MIT News article

3/27/14 Kelsey Boulanger and Jesse Kroll traveled to Melbourne, Australia, to meet with collaborators at CSIRO on a project involving aerosol at Cape Grim, Tasmania.

1/22/14 Jesse stopped sleeping and more or less fell off the face of the planet for ~2 months.

10/15/13 Members of the group (Ellie Browne, Jon Franklin, Kelsey Boulanger, and Jesse) went to Berkeley, CA to carry out research on brown carbon and organic hazes at the Advanced Light Source. This work was done in collaboration with Kevin Wilson (LBNL), as well as Tom Kirchstetter (LBNL) and Chris Cappa (UC-Davis).

9/1/13 Chris Lim joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome Chris!

8/14/13 Eben Cross's paper "Online measurements of the emissions of intermediate-volatility and semi-volatile organic compounds from aircraft" was just published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Co-authors include James Hunter, Anthony Carrasquillo, Jon Franklin, and collaborators from Aerodyne Research.

7/27/13 Postdoc Ellie Browne is participating in the 12th Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists (ACCESS XII); she will present her work on black carbon aging there and at the Gordon Research Conference in Atmospheric Chemistry.

7/15/13 Congratulations to Eben Cross, who just received two promotions! Eben is now an MIT Research Scientist as well as Lecturer.

6/7/13 MIT Commencement 2013: Congratulations to two graduating members of the group, Sean Kessler (Ph.D., ChemE) and Zara L'Heureux (B.S., CEE)!

6/1/13 The Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS), focused on mixed biogenic-anthropogenic atmospheric chemistry in the Southeastern US, begins today (and goes until mid July!). Group members Jon Franklin and Eben Cross traveled to the Centreville, AL ground site to measure IVOCs and SVOCs using our high-resolution mass spectrometer. MIT news story NSF press release

5/17/13 Congratulations to Dr. Sean Kessler, who successfully defended his PhD! Sean's thesis title is The Aging of Organic Aerosol in the Atmosphere: Chemical Transformations by Heterogeneous Oxidation.

5/1/13 Kelly Daumit's paper entitled "Average chemical properties and potential formation pathways of highly oxidized organic aerosol" was published in Faraday Discussions. Sean Kessler was a co-author.

4/15/13 Congrats to Kelsey Boulanger, who received an NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship!

2/21/13 Eben Cross, along with Ellie Browne, Kelsey Boulanger, and several undergrads from TREX, participated in AAAS Family Science Days, introducing visitors to the use of Lego bricks to describe air pollution as well as the use of air quality sensors.

1/29/13 Members of the group (postdoc Ellie Browne and grad students Kelsey Boulanger, Anthony Carrasquillo, and Kelly Daumit), in collaboration with Dan Cziczo's group, are taking part in the Two-Column Aerosol Project (TCAP), a DOE-led field campaign on Cape Cod aimed at understanding the continental outflow of anthropogenic aerosols. Link

1/14/13 Three members of the group (Eben Cross, James Hunter, and Prof. Kroll), along with Prof. Colette Heald and Prof. Jennifer Murphy (U. Toronto) are taking 14 MIT undergrads to the Big Island of Hawaii for TREX (Traveling Research Environmental experiences), a January-term class aimed at introducing students to fieldwork in environmental science and engineering. The goal of this two-week trip is to measure volcanic smog (vog), arising from emissions from Kilauea and their subsequent atmospheric transformations. Group Blog, local press

Contact: Prof. Jesse Kroll, MIT Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering, jhkroll @ mit.edu